Help with CFI Written tests

Need some assistance. I am about to enroll in a CFI course and the requisites are to have the FIA and FOI tests complete.

I am studying the KING Course and it has the FIA section, FOI section and Advanced Ground Instructor.

Do I need to study the Advanced Ground Instructor as part of the FIA? Is that separate?

Also, do you usually take the FIA and FOI the same day or separate?



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No, you do not need to take the AGI test. The FIA and the FOI are the two you need to study for. Some people take them together and some people take them separately. A lot depends on how comfortable you feel about test taking and those two in particular.

Regarding your first question, I'm sorry if it sounds like pontificating, but one of the first steps to becoming a CFI is learning how to read the rules regulations applicable to qualifying for the certificate. The required tests for flight instructors are are described in what section of the FAR?


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The AGI comes from the same question bank as the FIA, so if you can pass one, you can pass the other. ( I did not do this but should have.)

You should also very carefully review the endorsement requirements in AC 61-65G about this. There's an often-overlooked catch in this particular scenario I just learned about recently.