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Graveyard of Soviet Planes....


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Awesome photos. They almost look like something out of a horror film. Eerie location with the low overcast and mist, dead trees not to mention the thousands of dead aircraft.

This would definitely be worth a visit.


This job would be easier without all the airplanes
Man I would have a blast seeing some of those up close
I wonder if they would let me sit in some old Yak3


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That's awesome! I have such mixed feelings about Russian aircraft. I look at some of them and say, 'what were they thinking!?', but at the same time they're so cool looking.


There are several boneyards through former USSR. The photographer mixed up pictures from two. Poor report but excellent imagery. Some planes in Monino are fully restored some are well preserved. Budget tight like everywhere. There are several new private collections and their aircrafts are in pristine conditions. Not all that bad.
Those photos were fantastic. If there is one thing I would do if I ever found myself in part of the former USSR it would be find a bone yard like this. The history behind most of these birds is something I know very little about.


A volunteer who worked on preserving aviation history sent me these two pictures about 10 years ago. Working on Tu144.

There is a graveyard in Far East that place is totally depressing. Look here.