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I dont know what sub fourm i should put this in so ill just put it here. ill be enetering the CTI program at UND next semester. im really interestied in doing this for a living but i think it would really suck to get assigned somwhere that you dont want to be. i know for sure my geo prefs will be Texas or Minnasota to work Terminal at either DFW tower or MSP tower or another category 11 or 12 facility. what are the odds off getting assinged to one of these facilities directly out of OKC?




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No new hires are going to any terminal above a 10.

The latest hiring plan by the FAA indicated there are 5,000 applicants in the hiring pool to fill about 1,200 spots per year. I would suggest being very flexible and taking any offer that comes your way.
Ok so how long can one expect to transfer to one of these facilities say from one of the smaller satellites in the area after OKC? Or does that just depend on when people retire? And is it possible that one may get assigned to a contract tower right after OKC?


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I think you have to be a CPC (completely signed off) for at least one year before you are eligible to transfer. Whether or not they let you transfer is another story. There is a 0% possibility of getting assigned to a contract tower since those are contracted out and not run by the FAA.
ok. do controllers consider themselves luck to get the state they request, let alonoe the terminal area they wish to work in?


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I considered myself very to lucky to get picked up. ZME would not have been one of my first choices but you really just need to take what you can get considering how competitive this process is. There are plenty of people out there that are still waiting after 2 years since graduation. If I were you, I would take what I can get and worry about what you want later on after you're in the door and checked out.