Gastro Behcets - Can I get a Class 2? AME assistance please.


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I have gotten my yearly U.S. Navy OPNAV 3710.7U flight physical medical clearance to fly in the back of military aircraft as a photographer since 2008 with no problems, however, when I tried to get a Class 3 in 2013 I was denied due to the fact I take 10mg of Amitriptyline nightly for IBS. I am now required to get a Class 2 Medical for a new job and want to make sure I don't run into any issues when I visit with the AME doc for my physical. I have changed my diet to assist with my IBS so I am going off of Amitriptyline so that won't be an issue but what I am concerned with are some recent diagnoses. Details are below:

- Rosacea: I use a small amount of Soolantra on my face daily and it works great.
- Behcets: It's been over 2 years of doctors visits and tests and finally my doctors have come up with this diagnosis. My main symptoms are ulcers on my lady bits, however, I sometimes get acne like bumps on my chest, tiny sores in my nose, oral ulcers (rarely), and minor scalp psoriasis. My Rheumatologist and Dermatologist aren't completely sure yet but they think that my IBS (diagnosed in 2010) may actually be what they call “Gastrointestinal Behcets.” With all that said I want to make it clear that I do not have any eye, memory, neurological, or balance issues, which can also be associated with this disease. I've only recently been diagnosed so my doctors are currently discussing how to treat this. I currently use Lidocaine ointment and Clobetasol ointment to numb and help heal the ulcers down below when needed. Medications they are considering starting me on are .6mg Colchicine (daily) and Humira injections and this is to primarily help reduce the ulcer flares I get down below.

Another thing to note is that I am currently recovering from C.Diff. I don't think this will factor in but I at least wanted to mention it in case it does. I'm on a 10 day supply of Vancomycin 125MG to help with this and am currently "med-down" until I come off this medicine.

This new job means more than anything to me so I want to be completely prepared when I go to an AME doctor for my physical. Any advice or recommendations you can provide is VERY appreciated. Thank you for your time.



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Hello CICSchmidt,

Regarding your rosacea, it is unlikely that the disease nor your use of Soolantra will be problematic, just list them on your application.

The fact that you were denied a medical in the past for IBS treated with Amitriptyline will already be known to the FAA when you apply again. Even with cessation of the Amitriptyline (ideally under a physician's guidance) you will need to supply a status report from your treating physician and have your medical records available for review.

Regarding the Behcet's, none of the medications you list would necessarily exclude you from getting a medical certificate, although again the FAA will expect you to supply status reports and possibly medical records/labs from your treating physicians. If issued you will likely be given a Special Issuance that requires you to provide the FAA with updates on your condition on a more frequent basis.

We had an airman on this board last August with Behcet's if you search old messages. His application was deferred. Perhaps you could message him @dougperzyk and see if the FAA was favorable in their decision?

Best Regards,

Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner
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