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The interview at frontier is pretty straight forward. They have you show up to HQ at 0645. They interview based on arrival time. My hotel was across the street so I arrived very early. When I walked up to the door they were locked. Another applicant walked up behind me. A moment later someone opened the door, and I let the other guy walk in first. The person who opened the door was also an applicant. While we waited one of the guys I spoke with on the phone (screening) showed up, he is also an F9 pilot. He just gave a little idea how the day would go and mostly just small talked.
Eight people interview that day, once everyone arrived the frontier HR ( I assume) lady passed out badges in the order you arrived, which also is the order you interview. I'm actually glad I let the other guy go first so I interviewed in the second round.
The chief pilot showed up and took us into a meeting room and gave a one hour presentation. past, present and the future of the company. He encouraged question and asked us question I think trying to get a feel to see if we had done any home work on the company.
One guy answered quite a few questions and I made it a point to jump in as well. Most did not (make note of that)
The chief pilot was a very nice man and seem to be very open and receptive.
After this they take you into the break room. Explain how the rest of the day will go. There are bagels and coffee and juice made available.
Three more pilots showed up and just sat down in the break room with us answering any questions we had. This is why I was glad to go in the second round. Gave me some time to hear from them.
While I waited Another person (also a pilot)called me aside and reviewed my log books. Nothing to specific was asked, but I did have all check rides flagged. Asked me total time and that was pretty much it.
I was finally called into the interview panel. It with two people both of whom are pilots. There was never an HR person involved with the actual interview process (or so it seems, I'll explain in a moment).
I got the basic question. Of course I was asked if I had read the gouges, to which I replied yes. He said How many, I said all of them. Ha.
He then said so I guess you know the types of hydro planing, I said well I had to refresh myself but pretty much knew them from my CFI days.
They like to ask that question, and I get the feeling they ask it to see who prepped for the interview.
You will brief a Jep app. What if the VOR/naviad used for the hold on the missed is OTS. Can you still do it?
What do you you need to go below DA, what about below 100'
What is MSA? The definition.
Some basic HR question. Why Frontier, Tmaat you had a difficult CA. What would you change about yourself.
I was asked the after V1 emer procedure for my airplane.
Go around call outs for my airplane
MMO for my airplane
Know the holding speeds.
Tell me about the kind of pilot you are in a minute or less.
Their growth plans are quite large. 4000 (nearly) additional pilots over the next ten years. They assume upgrade time will go down not up.
So they asked me how I would know I was ready to upgrade.
I did not get it but I hear they like to ask about VDP's and how to calculate one if its not charted.
what is a stable approach.
Know how to calculate a decent rate, that will also allow you to slow by a fix.
Stall characteristics of swept wing.
They give you a scenario. you are the CA. One of the interviewers is your FO, the other is the FA, ATC, Dispatch, ETC.
Mine was (and is common) A red eye fro LAS-CLE at 350. There is a line of storm at 350 in fron of you.
There are no MEL's or other issues with the plane.
I ask the FO to call ATC for any new info if anyone has mad it through, and to send dispatch the same question.
FA calls and says it getting really rough what are we going to do.
Tell him we're working on it. FA calls back and says a kid with peanut allergy is turning blue and labored breathing.
No medical pro's on board. I ask fo to get WX at an airport behind us. It wasn't the best but was doable and an airport they service. Asked my fo what he thought he agreed. Airport
So I ask for an immediate turn and to plane on yet another airport behind us. Times up! I didn't even get to declare.
They ask you to debrief yourself. One thing I missed and wish I would have asked was for higher, as opposed to turning back. Just use CRM and keep everyone in the loop.
I was asked what my favorite movie was.
That was pretty much it. They take you to a small room and you wait for about ten minutes when they return with a yes or a no.
If a yes you then start talking with HR. drug test, finger prints paper work etc.
I mentioned only speaking with pilots throughout the interview and they are the decision makers "or so it seems"
I say this because I get the feeling that they watch and listen to everything that's taking place.
You do not see who is making the decision, or who is even in the room when its made. Even though its very stream lined and they make it feel very casual It also seems that everyone you interact with is making observations.
It was a great experience, I cannot confirm it but I heard only 3 of 8 were offered a position. Which was a surprise, because I would have assumed 5-6 of the guys would have made it.
I would suggest interacting, be friendly and prepared.

Im surprised the interview section here on JC is so quite these days. Ive not been on the job hunt for a long time. However when I went to eagle back in 2011 there were gouges all over this site.
If you've interviewed with frontier (or any other carrier) please add your experience for those looking
Btw, I had 1000 hrs 121 more then 5 years ago. Ive been pt91 for the last 5 years. Im under 4000TT.
I was offered the position. Good luck to any future candidates.


Congratulations, are you taking the job?

Interview questions are showing how I now really have a bad part 91 brain. I would like to see more interview experiences as well so I can research for the answers.


been around forever
Congratulations, are you taking the job?

Interview questions are showing how I now really have a bad part 91 brain. I would like to see more interview experiences as well so I can research for the answers.
Thank you. As of right now they are the only one I have an offer from. There is really only one other I have applied to, and would consider. I know frontier might be a gamble, but I think it's a pretty good one. So yes I'm looking forward to going there.
The book "Everything explained for the commercial pilot" is a great study aid. That and simply do an internet search for specific questions. You'd be surprised how many hits you'll find with answers that if nothing else will lead you an answer.