Freezing rain


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You’re flying a airplane not certified for freezing rain. GOM says no to take off enroute and landing in freezing rain.

You’re approaching the airport and metar says freezing rain but tower says it’s not currently happening. But it is in the forecast for the next 6 hours.

Can you land becuase at that moment the tower doesn’t see freezing rain?


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What does your GOM say about observed versus reported meteorology?

Plus, I'd also query with the tower about updating the report.


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Is there a regulation that might have something about observed vers reported that I’m forgetting about?

GOM says flight into known or forecasted is prohibited. I believe it’s based on our aircraft certification.

Tower had just updated the report and announced the update. My understanding is that by regulation we have to listen to the new metar report when announced and can’t start the approach if it doesn’t meet approach mins. If we are on the approach then we can continue but if not on approach then hold or divert.


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Not sure why the METAR would be reporting FZRA and tower reports no/any FZ precipitation. I would question the METAR report vs the tower observation.

Bottom line, if this a hypothetical situation, the METAR is the “official” wx report during it’s valid time period. If you continue the landing and somehow accidentally *bend* some metal in the process, the investigators will look at the official report.

If the METAR is only 5 mins old and barring any sensor or reporting issues, it would be pretty hard to legally continue (assuming you haven’t declared an emergency) with the landing in an aircraft not approved by your company’s AOM, GOM or FOM.

I would either hold (if able) and wait for a more favorable (legal) METAR or divert to your alternate.


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Why aren’t we listening to the ATIS? Ask if tower is cutting a new one right now an get the cliffs notes......and maybe a braking action report.
There is no “mission” that I currently fly that would motivate me to work that hard to make things work out. If the official weather report says freezing rain and the TAF calls for that to continue, I’m going somewhere else.

If the tower is willing to make it official then maybe, but it’s not worth the risk. If something unrelated happens you’ll have some explaining to do.


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On approach meaning the "final approach segment" or what are we talking here?
Not yet on the approach but approaching the airport. Say the controller is vectoring you around to the approach course. You can see the airport/runway lighting but you haven't been cleared for the approach.


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If the ATIS says freezing rain, I’m going to believe it and bug out. Same thing like if the ATIS says -SN even though there’s a negligible or none falling, I’m going to get deiced to cover myself if something goes wrong.


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Yeah, but I am looking for definitive regulatory answers here guys. Only an idiot would fly into known or suspected freezing rain in a aircraft not certified for it. But apparently there are regulatory and legal ways to do it or so I am told. Its for a hypothetical question and I've been told to research it. Nothing I can find says you can do this. But I am told otherwise. I think the guy is full of it but I am told he is smarter than me and thus he believes one can land/take off or fly into FZRA if it is not actively happening but is reported in the METAR, ATIS and TAF.