FOI Written Study Guide


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Hello CFI's!
I am going to take the FOI written exam and am looking for any suggestions as far as study guide, study sheets, or books that will assist. I know I can download the FFA's book but I'm looking for help from "those that have been there". Maybe you know of a "FOI for Dummies" book that will help me.
Thank you


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For my FOI, I used the ASA online study prep material and found it to be ok. Between that and the FAA's Aviation Instructor Handbook, I made it through the test. If I was to do it again, I'd probably use either Gleim, King, or ASA printed test prep materials. For me, there's something about having the paperback test prep book in hand that makes it easier to study/memorize what is needed.

I found the FOI test to be more of a challenge as the material just doesn't want to stick in my head as well. I understand it and it makes sense but seem to have more difficulty remembering it.

Good luck in your preparations.
Study the Aviation Instructor's Handbook. Use Sheppard Air to validate your knowledge and patch any gaps.

And get a great score.




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I did the FOI to get the AGI then for CFI it was just FIA and FII. An odd quirk was that you could do both as initials. If you did an addon, it needed a signoff.