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Flying Hospital L-1011 to fly one last time


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The former Flying Hospital, L-1011 P4-MED, which has been parked for years at TUS, will be flying again. Acquired by Tristar Preservation, it has been re-registered N910TE, and will be making one last ferry flight from TUS-MCI, where it will be preserved in TWA livery.

This jet has been relatively maintained in storage, and a couple times a year, it would get started up and run, and being able to hear those Rolls RB211s start up with their smoky start, was always a treat. Now, there's a maintenance crew with it, and in short order, hearing the baritone rumble of the RBs will occur at least a few more times before she finally leaves her parking spot here on he northwest ramp, and taxi for takeoff for her last flight. What a sight that will be to see here shortly.


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Is she going to the Airline History Museum there? I never been, but I heard it's pretty good. It's great to have another piece of aviation saved form the scrap heap.


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Holy crap I might be able to see this one fly.

Bonus age check! I've never seen an L10 in person.

I'm 26 lol


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Very cool. I just saw it on the ramp in TUS and wondered why it was relatively nice looking and not in the boneyard.


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View attachment 35142 There's already one engine-less L1011 at MKC. I hope this one will look better
I visited that museum, and was told the engines were sold to an oil company for their oil rigs (guess those RB211s are really good for that). They did tell me they were working on getting another TriStar.

@MikeD I sure hope we get good advanced notice for when it will fly! I really want to make the trip from NYC to catch it startup and takeoff!

*Favorite airplane of all time.*