“Fly The Plate and You Won’t Get Hurt”


That's horrifying. Sounds like the FAA needs to revisit its old survey practices. The bureaucratic nonsense between the local department of public works and state DOT (sending numerous emails but not removing any trees) doesn't surprise me. :bang:


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That's an incredible story. I'm glad they were able to prove that it wasn't their fault and the FAA finally, in a roundabout way, accepted that the approach was faulty. Always keep those eyes outside and don't trust anything anymore, I suppose...


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Wow, so much for blind faith in the approach. I wonder if MSA's are to be believed as well now.


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Great read; this type of thing can be especially prevalent in OCONUS ops. Always best to do your own "sanity check" with as many sources of information you can.


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Seriously. Cut the stuff down on the extended centerline, leave the rest.

I bet the owners of those homes on the curve miss those trees.