Flight Simulators?


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Hey all you JC folks!

I have been out of flying for close to 15 years now... Doesn't seem real! Had about 160 hours TT Instrument Rated Private Pilot was working on Multi/Commercial at the time I hung it up. Got married, 2 kids, career in sales, running a store now... etc.. and all of the sudden I am 37!

I am wanting to get completely back in. Bought King's refresher course back in the summer, been studying, finally decided it's time. Here in my area we have one Club available and about 4 different Flight schools available. The club seems to be the best route? $300 to join, $75 a month and the rental rate is $45 and hour dry. Piper Warrior. Most flight schools range in the $75-100 hour rental fees dry. Trying to make every spare dollar I have work to get current, work on my commercial then multi to eventually make the career change. Any thoughts or pointers would be huge!

I am thinking about purchasing the Saitek Flight sim Yoke, Rudder pedals, and Throttle Quadrants. Any opinions on this? I thought it might help me shake off some of the rust before I get back in the plane.

I have read just about every thread on Career Changers I can, but always looking for fresh opinions.

Thanks again!