Flight Physical and Interview


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Morning Everyone !!

I just got a call a few minutes ago regarding a flight physical and interview in early april for a Nav position here in Pgh with the 758th Airlift squadron. From what I'm told they have one other candidate in mind so I guess it's better than competing against a whole group of candidates.

From what I can gather thru other posts and what they told me over the phone the interview is just a matter of seeing if i'm a good fit for the wing personality wise. I still have to schedule the AFOQT and a flight physical shortly..

Is this similar to a first class flight physical or somewhat similar to a MEPS entry physical ?? I would someday like to fly as most of us do but still the Nav to me seems pretty exciting though. As far as Nav training .. are we trained as pilots at all or is it a completely seperate pipeline ??

I was also looking at the WO Flight Program with the PA National Guard... but the people they keep giving me to get in contact with never return my calls !!

Just some questions