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Flight Dispatcher

Discussion in 'Flight Dispatch Jobs' started by NewsBot, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Mountain Air Cargo Maiden, North Carolina:<BR />SUMMARY <br />Constant tracking of all pilots and aircraft. Monitor all scheduled check-in times with the use of MAC and other software programs.<br />DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES;<br />This includes:<br />&#8226; Responsible for the safe release, tracking and data entry for all Part 121, Part 135 and Part 91 operations.<br />&#8226; Completion of daily paperwork as defined in the shift duty list and/or directed by the manager.<br />&#8226; Ensure complete understanding of customs requirements and ensure they are coordinated to prevent violations.<br />&#8226; Solve problems that develop during individual shift or defer problems to the manager.<br />&#8226; Ensure timely and accurate data entry in MAC and other software systems.<br />&#8226; Attend meetings as needed.<br />&#8226; Record weather observation daily.<br />&#8226; Ensure proper management notification and coordinate all flight activities.<br />&#8226; Monitor flight, aircraft maintenance and personnel schedules. Make change notifications/recommendations as necessary.<br />&#8226; Advise and coordinate with the Travel Department pilot schedule changes that require unplanned lodging/travel.<br />&#8226; Maintain pilot flight and duty records and advise the Flight Department whenever a pilot could possibly exceed &nbsp; &nbsp;any flight time requirements.<br />&#8226; Monitor and record in the MAC system the progress of pilots when traveling to and from a work location. <br />&#8226; Advise pilots promptly of all notes entered into the MAC system.<br />&#8226; Assist Travel Department with "last minute" travel and reservations after normal working hours.<br />&#8226; Attend training sessions with travel department to provide backup support as needed<br />&#8226; Enter and promptly pass on to affected pilots all notices from Flight, Maintenance, Travel Department, etc<br />&#8226; Other duties as assigned.

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