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Flight Crew Scheduler

Discussion in 'Flight Dispatch Jobs' started by NewsBot, Mar 2, 2017.

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    Aviation Recruiting, LLC New Castle, Delaware:<BR /><strong>Primary&nbsp;Responsibilities</strong><br /><ul><li>Schedule&nbsp;pilots and flight attendants for daily and future operations, making&nbsp;adjustments on short notice</li><li>Monitor,&nbsp;coordinate, and schedule pilot training events and activities&nbsp;</li><li>Schedule&nbsp;and control the movement of all company aircraft</li><li>Work&nbsp;closely with maintenance, flight operations, and pilots to ensure a cohesive&nbsp;and clear flight schedule</li><li>Maintain&nbsp;daily crew assignments, check-in records, and crew time records&nbsp;</li><li>Schedule&nbsp;flight crew to ensure compliance with FAA regulations regarding currency and&nbsp;flight/duty time limitations&nbsp;</li><li>Notify appropriate crew of scheduled flights and trainings</li><li>Communicate&nbsp;changes to the schedule to all appropriate departments in a timely manner&nbsp;</li><li>Assist&nbsp;pilots and crew with scheduling issues such as leave or medical appointments</li><li>Ensure&nbsp;schedule is published and available during periods when scheduler is off duty</li><li>Remain&nbsp;current on available resources and training to facilitate an effective&nbsp;scheduling operation</li><li>Maintain&nbsp;flight operations contact list and notify HR of any updates</li><li>Analyze&nbsp;situations and make informed decisions that impact business operations</li><li>Perform other duties as necessary</li></ul>

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