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I use some cheap chinese flashlight from tmart.com that uses a 18650 rechargeable battery. I also carry a personal fan that uses the same battery and recharges with a cellphone charger, so if needed I'll swap the batteries.

I used to use a Surefire and later a Streamlight but I got sick of replacing the expensive CR123A batteries.


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I’ve got a Bostac BTZ-20 that is super bright. It’s rechargeable using a micro USB and I love it, except it’s a piece of junk. I have already replaced the battery once under warranty. Now I have a brand new battery and it will still just decide to stop working with no warning (indicator light is supposed to flash red when it gets low) and only lasts 3 or 4 walkarounds before needing to be charged again.... sooo I’m ready to invest in another one if anyone has a flashlight that they love.

Autothrust Blue

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro. Not only can you use it to brightly illuminate the airplane, you can use it to pump your hot jams(tm) at 0430 in the shower.


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I thought surefire was only tactical lights for handguns. Didn’t know they offered just regular flash lights. Huh. The more you know...


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3 pack of Outright A100 is available on Amazon for $14

That excludes the 18650 battery and charger, but for the price those are great flashlights to have around the house


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Hell of a lot cheaper than a surefire and just as good. (~$50 on Amazon)

Everyone focuses on Lumens, and it’s not where you should be looking. It’s the lens. Light can be bright AF but if it doesn’t focus, it won’t light up the tail of anything.