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That combination of rechargeable with a backup cr123 disposable is intriguing.
I only ask because a bored fed has been hassling some people in my shop about them recently. One guy wasn't keeping the batteries stored in the light since it would drain and got grief over it

oops, i thought this thread was gonna be about FleshLights
I was wondering how long it would take before we went there, I guessed 2 pages


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I have the SureFire Aviator, with green. It is the original generation, but I bet the current one is just as good. I can very easily see the boots on the Q400's horizontal stabilizer, even when the sun is coming up in early morning twilight. I also loved the 6P when I was in the military. The Aviator is 250 lumens, the 6P is 320 lumens.


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People carry d cell flashlights? I can’t afford d batteries on regional pay. Cheap Chinese made led. Way brighter than any d cell light. Something like $12 including rechargeable battery and charger.


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Go to Costco. Buy the three pack of Duracell led flashlights for like 16 bucks. They run on 4 AAAs. Two brightness levels and an adjustable beam. Pretty much perfect for flying and then you also have one to keep in your car and another to keep in your apt/house/pad/trailer/cardboard box/whatever you live in. Also highly recommend getting a rechargeable battery kit so you don't have to buy more batteries. You can probably find one of those at Costco too.


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I carry an Olight Baton S1. Nice and compact, but very bright for outside use. Also has very low light modes that totally don't blow your night vision, should you need to use it inside.


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I have to second going to Costco just for the value. I have an LED light from there that is a bit smaller than the traditional maglites, but it is much brighter when I compare it to my maglites. The one I got also has a strobe function and adjustable beam. Pretty sure it’s a Duracell.
Long story short: Costco, and LED


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I bought this one a year ago and have had to recharge it once. Its compact, cheap, comes with a charger and will light up half of an A321, no problem.


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It was a joke... That thing would probably get you in more trouble than it’s worth on an airport ramp.
Used to have a marine projector back in Ukraine.
Powerful thing. Standing on the balcony one night smoking, spot a dude setting up to relieve the internal fluids. Fire it up, light him up from the 8th floor. Judging by his motions he wasn't quite sober, tried to reposition himself to another bush, tracked him there. Then to another bush, and another.
He departed the area after zigzagging around for a few minutes. Never looked up, never got a chance to relieve himself. At least in a controlled fashion. Funny the stuff you remember sometimes.


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They do make quality stuff, but why is everything 'tactical'? Reminds me of SouthernJets manuals. I 'tactically' executed an ILS to a visual today followed by handing out 'tactical' goodbyes while doing the pee pee dance.
Interesting. After 18 years with SJI, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Guess I better read a manual now and then.