Fit for duty.


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I mean, doesn’t this sort of depend on how you’re doing? Like if you’re at that low blood sugar hangry stage that’s one thing, but if you’re just a mite peckish wouldn’t you just send it?
I might also consider if this is a recurring problem and how much I feel like an appreciated employee.

Then if this was a contract violation of some sort, grieve it.
How about..... $50


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This is why you keep a few energy bars in your flight kit. Otherwise, find a vending machine. I'm sure you can find a Snickers bar or a bag of chips somewhere. If not, raid the aircraft catering. A couple of Biscoff cookies or pretzel snacks will hold me over until you get back to the hub. And if there isn't any of that, suck it up and go without. It's not like you're going to waste away on the 2-hour flight back to the hub.

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Crew meals' nutritional value probably makes you more unfit :bounce:
I remember watching Dad's Contract 2003(? 04? whichever one came before The Bankruptcy(R)) roadshow via the internets with him (such technology, streaming video wow!) and the only place that there was any applause was when they announced they were no longer doing domestic crew meals.