Finally joined a flying club near DFW


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So the iPad was definitely way too large. Trying to decide now if my iPhone XR (using a ram mount) is large enough for ForeFlight, or would you recommend I invest in a used iPad mini? What mount solutions do you like for a Cherokee or 172?
I use a mini in my C140. Up until Oshkosh I had been using a RAM yoke mount with a mini-specific cradle. It's not bad... Doesn't block too much, but I didn't like the center of mass mounted so high over the axis of rotation, and it was occasionally in the way.

Sporty's was selling some knock off mounting system at Oshkosh. I took a flyer and bought a suction cup end for $10 that ended up fitting my existing RAM stuff. My doorpost is just wide enough for the cup, and I had no issues for the flight home from Oshkosh.

I have Garmin pilot on my work iPad, my mini, and my Pixel 2XL. The phone is too small and less functional than the iPad (could be an Android thing, but I don't know) and the full size iPad is overkill for me.

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