February Photo Contest

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Florida Man
Sorry about the slight hiatus in January, got busy at the beginning of the year. So, we're picking up in February. Same speal as months before:

Duration: Submissions accepted until February 25th 11:59 EST

Theme per December winner @Murdoughnut: "Components" Focus is on individual parts of aircraft or aircraft support systems. Could be cockpit switches, fan blades, pitot tubes - whatever.

Submit to: jetcareerphoto@gmail.com

Once I have all the submissions, I’ll start a new thread on or around the 26th for voting. Voting will last until the 28th, with the winner announced on or just after (depending on my schedule) the 1st.

Other assorted rules:

The photo must be taken by you, during the time frame. Honor system on those two. Once you've submitted, you're in. One picture only, no replacing entries later. Any registered user is welcome to submit, whether you frequent the photo sub forum or not.

Point and shoot, dslr, or as they use to say in racing, "run what you brung".


Ancora imparo
I don't know how margarita machines work, but those power levers and console don't look too difficult to fabricate.
DIY project?
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