FBO chain needs my SS number and birthdate for rewards program.


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Freakin really? People do this? First thing on the application form was those two lines following my name. I’ve no idea why anyone would do this, you don’t need anything more than that data to spoof your way into my 401k. Frustrating that some executives thought this was OK.

/Rant off.


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It's American Express, not Atlantic that requires the info. You get a prepaid American express credit card that comes with a bunch of benefits. If you reward over 600 bucks a year you have to pay tax on it because they consider it as income. If you don't want to do any of that I will pay you 50% of the value of your rewards and you can give them to me so I can break 1k of free money just for paying for gas with someone else money

gne in prog

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Likely would if they send a 1099. You're supposed to pay taxes on all of it, but they don't send a 1099 until you get 600 bucks worth. It isn't Atlantic Aviation's big scheme to clear out their customers 401ks.


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I wonder if I was one digit off each, would it affect it?
If they do still send you the rewards money, then you'd be guilty of tax evasion. And since you're not evading by millions of dollars worth of tax scams, they'd probably come after you.
PLUS, now you've posted your intent to defraud the Government so your, "Oops, I must have accidently written the wrong digit!" just went out the window....
...Thanks for playing along........


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My intent is not to defraud the government of taxes due, I can still claim the income. My intent is to keep essential data to my identity from falling in the wrong hands.
Wait, large and small corporations would never have a dat breach would they? Nah.
Thanks for playing along.


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Social Security card says right on it: 'Not to be used for identification.' Yeah, right! :bounce:

I wonder why there hasn't been a court case on this yet (or if so, it's a stealth one!). The current work-around seems to be using only the last four digits of your SSAN.

I think no company can enforce it if you refuse, but then, they also don't have to do business with you. Seems like a Catch 22.

Disclaimer: Not an attorney, but I do have a social security number.


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Whining about companies using your SSN for identification is so 1990s. It’s like old men who wouldn’t sign up for AOL because they wouldn’t use their credit card over the phone line.