Farnsworth Lantern (FALANT) testing locations


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Just a note:: I believe FSDO will not adminster the FALANT; they will only administer the Light Signal Gun Test.

To take the FALANT, you need to contact your FAA Regional Office or find someone else to administer it for you (i.e. College, University, Private Physician, etc.).


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This is an old post, but I wanted to update the info about the FALANT test in Lawndale CA.

The new number is 310-725-3750

P Mark Glencross

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Farnsworth Lanterns at two of my offices. (979) 393-0161 or email mark@uohpartners.com

6445 Main St 23rd Floor
Methodist Outpatient Building
Houston, TX 77030

406 Tarrow Street Suite B
College Station, TX 77840

Also I believe the Houston College of Optometry has one. We complete the required forms (FAA DD 2489 and issue a letter to the FAA) Or if you come for your regular FAA exam, it is just part of the regular exam if you fail the other color plates. Also be sure to try the Dvorine plates. We have found many color deficient pilots can pass these. Any AME who performs AirTraffic Control physicals will have Dvorine. - P. Mark Glencross MD (Senior AME)