FAR 121.645 (c)


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Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right area for this question but I didn't see a Air regs section.
In FAR 121.645 section c it states that if no alternate airport is not specified you need enough fuel to fly from A to B and then for 2 hours at normal cruise fuel consumption.
My question is: Does this only apply to non domestic flights or all flights?

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121.645 specifies that it's for flag and supplemental operations only. This plays into 121.621 (2).

The 2-hour reserve fuel is commonly called island reserve where you're flying to an airport and there is no available alternate airport. Bermuda is the most commonly cited example I've seen. There's only 1 airport on the island and the next nearest airport is over 600 miles away. I'm sure there're other examples as well.