Eye Floaters


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They are caused by 'space junk' that has detached from the inside of the eyeball and are, literally, floating in the vitreous fluid. They eventually fall to the bottom of the eyeball, like a tree's leaves in autumn. There are laser-based ways to zap them, but the treatment is out of proportion to the problem.

Irritating? Yes. Affecting vision? Not really.


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Floaters will not cause you to lose your medical but I have seen a wide spectrum of AME responses ranging from passing the airman, to requiring an 8500-7 filled out by an eye care professional, to deferring to the FAA for consideration. The AME guide language regarding assessment of floaters is vague:

"Congenital or acquired conditions (whether acute or chronic), of either eye or adnexa that may interfere with visual functions, may progress to that degree, or may be aggravated by flying (tumors and ptosis obscuring the pupil, acute inflammatory disease of the eyes and lids, cataracts, or keratoconus.)"

My advice would be to make an introductory call to your AME and ask them how they would handle your situation.

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Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner