ERAU Worldwide


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You can also attended the fall commencement for DAB or PRC, just need to ask your advisor.

I started worldwide a year ago to finish my degree I started at Prescott almost ten years ago. It has been a great experience and the quality of the courses is the same as campus.


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You can take up to four classes at a time. Two classes per 9 week cycle is 30 credits a year and considered full time and qualifies for student aid, if desired. I was advised and would only recommend taking 2 classes at a time, if you're working full time. I spend about 10-15 hours per week, per class.Technically, Worldwide is made up of the online classes, Eagle Vision (think a series of online webinars viewed live) or attending in a classroom setting at one of their many locations around the world. You can mix and match methods and you can automatically attend on campus, if your situation changes.

I'm working toward a BS degree in Aeronautics with an Aviation Safety minor. I should be finished by May of 2016.