Entry level wage for a mechanic?


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I've been out of the MTX for 10 years, but this depends on Part 121, Part 135, or Part 91. If I were to go back, I wouldn't accept a wage less than $16/hr.

It also depends on if you already have your A&P. Part 121 mechanics are in high demand at the moment. I have heard from friends some regionals are hiring as high as $20/hr for an A&P fresh out of school. Again this is hearsay and I have yet to find which ones hire that high. If I were to go back, I wouldn't accept a wage less than $16/hr.

GA and Part 135 can be as low as $10-$13/ hr.

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I work for a large 135 with a couple of new people that I can ask, although I think they might have had "some" piston private GA experience before they got here. It's been over 25 years since I was asking that question. These days a lot of wet ink A/Ps use contract agencies like Aerotek to find work, perhaps contacting them would be a good way to find out?

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I think most regionals are still in the $15 range to start. 135/91 are all over the place from what I’ve heard. Unless you score that sweetheart 91 job where you polish tires and add oil and send all the real work to a service center, the only real career imho is a major airline, and that means decades of night shift and wrecking your body with the work and the chemicals.


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An FBO just down the road is offering me $17-$20/hr to start, but pay goes up after probation period. I thought that was kinda low, I was expecting at least $20-$25 to start. Based on what I'm reading in this thread though, it's a fair staring wage. Cost of living here isn't too bad either, so that helps.
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