EKG chest hair prep?

This post is for hairy men. If you have a bald chest, then go take your more highly evolved bodies to some other thread.

I want to speak only to those who, like me, are a possible missing link between primate and man.

Hello fellow ALF stunt doubles. If you are like me, you could do a comb-over from your shoulders. So every time I have to get an EKG, not only am I really self conscious when the pretty young nurse tries to dry shave me with the 99 cent Bic... it’s really uncomfortable. Plus then I leave looking like a man-o-lantern for a month until it grows back.

I’m not so vain that I would shave, wax, or Nair consistently, but do any of you do anything to make those EKGs a little easier and quicker for everyone involved?

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