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"Oh he does speak. It always takes you awhile to own up to what is being said."

Give Chunk a break, it took him 8 1/2 hours to reply. Gee, let me think, he might have been flying. Btw, it's drown, not drowned.


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Hey Chunk, I see you are abstaining from the squawk thread and shaking up a hornets nest in the FSI thread. You are definately a thrill seeker. Or is that others getting a thrill by working you up? How's the resume' and job search going?


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I'm feeling quite jaded as of late. Dunno why!?!

I interviewed with a certain Federal agency....they were interested, but had no openings. My resume went "in the qualified pile". They told me to expect a call in a few months to confirm my phone number hasn't changed. I figure that's not a good sign. But no openings for at least a year...they just had a hiring 'spurt'. I think it was 5 positions in 6 months!

Oh well...They did hook me up with another job announcement and I'll apply for that one. It would be nice...good money. Great job. Opportunity for some interesting flying, for certain.

I imagine you're the only one around here that has some green ink in their logbook as well.



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Ya know, I just went back and reread this thread....seems to me like I've more supporters than detractors. In fact, it's pretty much only you, panam, and yankee one has has a beef with me. He works for CAA, so we know who signs his paycheck, but how about you? This thread was into it's second page and no one had any heartburn with me. I write one small post and you guys jump all over me with ad hominems. I just have this feeling that y'all were waiting for an opportunity. Here are the facts:

I made no personal attacks.

I stated facts told to me directly by two different CAA instructors.

I never said that FSI was the only place to go.

I generally have been shown to be right over history.

I am staying out of other school's forums.

You came here to my forum and attacked me personally.

You came here to my forum not to ask a question in good faith, but ONLY to attack me.

What exactly do you want from me? An apology? For what?

Chunk <---feeling serene and content


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I'll say this regarding this thread. I know for a fact Chunk has personally visited & done his homework very thoroughly on all of the major "pilot mills" in Florida. He didn't just take the marketing bait that so many of them throw out to lure potential customers. So he speaks from a base of knowledge. You may not like or agree with what he says, that is fine. I will tell you one thing that I am certain of because I speak from a base of knowledge (personally knowing Chunk & his family), I would be proud to fly anytime, anywhere with Chunk. Enough said.