Dr. Ross not accepting appointments from Sept to end of the year?


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I just checked on myflightsurgeon.com and no appointments are available at either office location from September to end of 2018. I called and left a message. Anyone know if Dr. Ross is still doing medical exams?


Cap, Roci
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I got an email from Dr. Ross and yes, he is absolutely open for business.

But the appointment link doesn’t seem to work for me either. I let him know.


Cap, Roci
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From the good doctor:

Hi Doug
I'm happy to report that is not true. we are seeing airman almost every week through the end of the year.
Thanks for correcting this erroneous rumor
Burr Ross
Those airman are correct in that when you try to schedule there appears to be no openings because we have an open up September yet However, I think with these complaints we will need to open 3 months at a time to make it much easier. The September schedule should be available probably late tomorrow.
thank you very much for your concern
Whew. I don't know if my heart could handle losing another AME!