Downturn Survival & Planning


Ok so we're all agreed this is completely effed?

Who would have thought I'd be the optimist.
I've been pretty bummed about what this means from the beginning... but I was "an alarmist," well how's that working out...

Okay, so I’ll be the a-hole who says this is a really bad idea and discourages it. However bad you think this all might be, it could end up being 10x worse. The great depression could be a cake walk by comparison. Now is the time to look out for you and yours, because the savings that you think is more than enough might not be. Runaway inflation destroying the value of what you do have is also a very real possibility as government starts taking drastic action to put cash into the economy. Now isn‘t the time to be generous. Call me a jerk if you’d like. But I’ll be the one saying I told you so later.
You are a landlord who said the right thing to do is evict people during a crisis, of course you have an abhorrent and selfish view. News flash for you, you're wrong about this too. Being a selfish dick-weasel right now will only make the crisis worse. Helping your neighbors and friends will help build the roots of local community again - which will be super useful if this gets insanely bad. Further, by helping people in your community out, you lesson the chance of violence because people's physiological needs are being met.

When Americans have a crisis, we help eachother out. That is what we must do. If we don't it's not even worth rebuilding what we have.

If you want to see MadMax, do what Todd suggests, otherwise, take care of your neighbors and friends. "Conventional business wisdom" is what got us into part of this mess in the first place.


That's looking more and more likely, I don't see any other way they could stimulate the economy at this point. I know you were saying in that other thread house prices are likely to drop, and most people have tons of consumer debt. Causing hyper-inflation could be a good way to stop people's houses from losing value and help people with consumer debt. Of course like a complete chump I have a decent amount of savings and no debt. I've been toying with the idea of buying a house for a few years but reckoned it wasn't financially feasible. Looks like the money I was saving for a down payment will be worthless soon. I'll probably be destitute by the end of the year if not sooner.
Definitely not a good time to selfishly horde things then, after the Corona virus mellows, help in your community.


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You can listen to @ppragman and feel really good about yourself while you and your family starve to death, or you can listen to me and make sure your family is okay through the crisis. Your choice.

Oh, and buy guns and ammo.
Too late. Local stores are out of common calibers. .223 gone, .45 gone, 9mm gone, 12ga gone. There was some 380 and 22 plinking stuff and thats about it.


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And now Southern Jets is saying parking 600 aircraft. This thread might hold some serious value after all.
sitting on the ramp here at MZJ watching rugs moving planes around to make room for the Delta it’s that have been regularly arriving here to the Delta hangar.


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I found a couple of boxes of 20ga birdshot. Fortunately I have a 20ga 870 that I use for trap shooting. I imagine that'll make it's point just as well as anything.


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If the genre is sort of punky genderqueer street gang I feel like I've never been more prepared for anything in my life...

I'm already shopping for the perfect hair dye for when the layoffs come...

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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I found a couple of boxes of 20ga birdshot. Fortunately I have a 20ga 870 that I use for trap shooting. I imagine that'll make it's point just as well as anything.
I have about hundred rounds of 9mm and some .45 that I don't have a gun for. Free old .45 to any Denver peeps here!