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I'm a student pilot who received a 1st class medical ~3 years ago.

Within the past year, I have been experiencing double vision upon waking up that goes away within an hour. The issue resolves itself if I stay away from my smartphone for a few days and I believe it is just a symptom of eye strain from near work.

My optometrist checked everything and said I have a slight esophoria that could be corrected with vision therapy/eye exercises. I have an appointment with a Vision Therapy center in September.

I would like to make aviation my career, but I am obviously worried the FAA will outright disqualify me for a 1st class when I list that I visited a vision therapy program on my next medical.

How can I protect myself? If I mark that box but pass the AME's eye exam in flying colors, will anything come of it?

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Hi throwaway12,

You would check box 18d (Eye or vision trouble except glasses). Your best bet would be to have the optometrist fill out a form 8500-7 (Report of eye evaluation) that lists the findings of his/her exam. If the AME tests you and finds a larger misalignment the procedure is to refer you to an eye professional, which you have already done of your own volition. I would probably make an advanced phone call to the AME to see if they will accept the optometrist's 8500-7 as far as evaluating your esophoria goes. Vision therapy should not be disqualifying, although the FAA may be interested in their report. Not seeing anything here that should cause you major trouble though. Let me know how it turns out!

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Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner