Double major at Purdue?


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I just wanted to know from anyone who went to Purdue how difficult it would be to double major in flight and Av management. If there is anyone else who has done that it would great to hear from you, especially on how many of the classes would overlap or substitute for electives.
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I am a freshman at Purdue, and I initially was accepted into the flight program. After reading a lot of information on this forum, and doing a little extra research, I decided to switch my major to AvMgmt and do flight training at the local FBO if time permits (Lafayette Aviation). It seems like an degree in Pro Flight is redundant once you have your ratings. As for double majoring, it can be done. That said, it would probably be easier to do flight and minor in management. Here is the link to the specific classes:

Scroll down the page, and on the left side there are plans of study for students entering after fall 2009. This will give you an idea of the required classes for each major.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on here, or shoot me a PM. Purdue has a great flight program, but just know what you are getting yourself into.


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First off, don't go to Purdue!

<-- IU alum ;)

Seriously though, consider a degree outside of aviation if you can. Diversify as much as possible in case something comes up down the road and you can't fly/get furloughed for 10 years.


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I am in flight at Purdont and my opinion is it wouldn't be that hard to double major in flight and management. I'm not a double major but I am an econ minor. The flight course load is not difficult at all. I know people who are double majors in completely separate areas of study and they seem to be doing fine but it does take a lot of work.

I know a lot of classes overlap because I often have AT management students in my classes but you can check for sure on that site clayfenderstrat gave you.

With that said, I'd recommend two options:

1. Major in something completely different and try to get into some of the flight classes. There is usually space by the second semester of your first year from what people have told me. This allows you to have something to fall back on. In retrospect, I wish I did this because I feel/know my aviation degree will be useless in a year when I graduate.

2. If you are dead set on majoring in flight, minor or double major in management at Krannert. Personally, I wouldn't want two useless degrees in aviation and Krannert (the business school) offers a lot of classes at are applicable to many industries.

Let me know if you have any more questions.