DoPE!! - Designated omnipresent Pilot Examiner

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This is a response to the demand for Examiner needs, which I get...and given that DPE is a for-profit role, I can also see room for abuse here.

What else am I missing?


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Last time I used a DPEs in my FSDO region they were charging twice the rate of the DPEs in the adjacent district. No doubt there is an issue with the system.


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Wish I lived in a area with more testing. My local FSDO said no way were they allowing more examiners. They claimed not enough demand for more. Yet local schools are waiting weeks sometimes to get a check ride scheduled. I know the local examiners don’t want more examiners because they don’t want competition for rides.

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Anybody have a contact in OKC or DC to complain about the dpe situation? FSDO here said not our problem anymore...good luck.