I was inspired to take the train into Tokyo today. All I did is walk to the train station and I’ve sweat through both my shirts.

When I lived here it always seemed like a typhoon would blow out all the humidity and the next few days would be perfect. Not today.


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Oh god, please don’t tell me you’re in the “If it’s not free, it’s McDonalds!” Circle over there!
Oh god no. I'm mocking them. It's mostly the 50+ prior mil guys.

What I posted was word for word the van ride to the hotel with them.


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I’ve done Europe and South America/Middle East but never Japan or any of Asia for that matter. I got bored yesterday and booked Avianca flight to MDE in sept but decided today I don’t wanna wait a month to go somewhere so I booked Delta to Narita for next week. I sprung for Delta One on the way there and economy + on the way back so I’m hoping the Delta One product lives upto the hype.

Is anyone flying this trip on August 16?Recommendations on what to see in Japan?
You won't end up in NRT on that flight! ;) We only do HND out of LAX. Lots of stuff to see in Japan. It really depends on how much time you have and what you're interested in. Of course there are the touristy places in Tokyo such as the Robot Restaurant, the Skytree, Nezune Shrine, and Tokyo Disney/Disney Sea parks. You can take the trains or zed on ANA or JAL to get out of Tokyo and see other cities or rural Japan.


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Seriously? All that time in Japan and you don’t know Bushido is not a physical thing? It’s the samurai code of honor.

Katana. You meant katana. You lose serious points for that mistake mister!
I don’t know.

Maybe it’s like laying over in Berlin and asking the bartender about what type of animals the Kaiser kept in the Tiergarten? :)

“And how wacky was Kristalnacht? AMMARITE?!” :)