Diverts and customs

Pilot Fighter

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We had a charter inbound for EWR about 30 miles out when the tower called and said they were no longer accepting GA/Charter because the ramp was full. This guy didn’t want to divert and said he was worried about getting a $10k fine because of Customs when we tried to suggest TEB. What’s up with that? (He wound up being the last GA into EWR, I guess they made it work)
"EWR, no problem for us, we are dropping off passengers and headed to our hangar."


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Yup - KTMB had us come inside and wondered why we didn't assume such. At KEYW, they yelled at us for even opening the door to get some air.
Glad I cleared in TMB then flew to EYW. Bahamas VFR flying is fun but I remember being told don't go to MIA.