Dispatcher Pay Spreadsheet


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To plainly answer the question is yes. But, and a huge but, most contracts have a longevity pay attached. So as an example, you are about to start a new class. There are two of you. The gal next to you has been with that company 6 years prior to becoming a dispatcher in training. As far as company seniority, shes already got six years on you. But right now that doesn't matter as you will both be making what contract says because its occupational seniority.

12 years later both of you reach top out pay. You and her are now, per contract, going to start making longevity pay. For every year you both have been with the company, you will get xx amount per hour more. You will get your 12 years and she will get her 18 years. So, yep, she will be out making you. Hope this kind of helps.
Thank you! That's what I was trying to ask but didn't articulate very well. I think I got hung up on two concepts from my Navy days: time in service and time in grade/rank. Time in service would be similar to longevity pay.