Dispatch superbowl


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ooo, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not many flights, and company provided free food.

Taking holidays off is for suckers.....and people with seniority
I usually get Thanksgiving week off as one of my vacation bids - but it will be many more years before I can hold Christmas off - and I have been at my current gig for over a decade now.


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I actually have gotten into this hummus kick lately. Some people I work with bring in pita chips, and the combination is awesome.


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Well for 121, just about every day is the same. You are schedule so not many changes, not including IROP. For 135 that is a different, gets busiest probably day before Thanksgiving. Workload goes up 4 times. I once had to work 40 International flights during my shift and most were due within the first 5 hours of my shift.

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What is the dispatches version of the superbowl? Im guessing the Thanskgiving or Christmas traveling weekend?
Dispatch doesn't have a superbowl. There are so many factors that go into an operations day that it is impossible to quantify. I've worked the busiest travel day of the year (Sunday after Thanksgiving?) and we ran a 100% on-time-zero day where I was bored out of my skull. I've worked the lightest travel day of the year (Thanksgiving) and been slammed (a communications line into the airport was cut, and I and a fellow dispatcher had to jump on a plane to PHL to do manual dispatching from the Ops Office...good times good times! :)