Dinner friday night?


Mama Bear....
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Anyone know a good place to go for dinner? I'm a bit tired of the buffet stuff myself and wouldn't mind joining a group for dinner.. apparently, doug and I majorly missed out on the sushi place Tony set up last year....

I'm gonna have hte girls meet up at 7pm...and then 9FI at 9pm....

so I have to be finished with dinner and back to the MGM by 7pm...

Oh, and one request... if we do something, can we make it casual? I'm just not feeling all that "dressy" this year and think if we decide to go clubbing LATE in the evening, I'll just head back to the room and change then!



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There's a Macayo's on Tropicana! :rawk:

Seriously, though, I'm up for a dinner on Friday ... still don't know a lot of places as I've been holed up studying (and I'm po).