DFW Aviation Meetup?


AKA "Icicles"
Would anyone be interested in participating in a group that meets a couple times a month. I see this being a group for Aviation students* to get together and study/learn/ask questions. Maybe get some experienced guys to come and "mentor"?

*Aviation students includes people in Aviation college programs, people working toward pilots licenses and ratings, dispatcher candidates, etc.


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Not interested in in regular meet ups with a group, but if anyone in DFW is a wanna be pilot, student pilot, or low time pilot and wants advice on how to move forward or what type of job to shoot for I would be happy to meet up for coffee/tea in the grapevine/flower mound area. My career spans 15 years of CFI, skydive flying, single pilot freight, charter, air medical, several types of overseas contracting, regional, and ULCC flying. I am a little out of touch concerning basic training but think I have good handle on career paths. This website is a treasure trove of guidance but if you just want to bounce ideas off another pilot id be happy to listen and give you my opinion or fill in some gaps about what certain jobs entail.

Just PM me.