Desktop Model Airplanes


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It's a long shot, but depending on what city you're in, they sometimes have airline collectible sales events. They had one last year in MSP at a hotel near the airport and there were a few tables full of model airplanes and other historic aviation memorabilia.


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Depends on what type of model. If you're looking for an executive 1:100 wood model then try

If you want 1:200 / 1:400 scale diecast models then use


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Price differences come from model scale, rarity of aircraft molds or the airline and availability (sometimes they only make a certain amount), things like that. I’ve been converting what models I have to 1:200 scale and diecast, so they’re a little more spendy. I generally stick to Gemini Jets for those (just picked up an Atlas Air 747-8 recently). Military wise Hogan is good, and there’s a few others. Just all depends on what you’re looking for.