Denied for illegal drug use - Trying to appeal


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My husband just received an email from medical today stating that he was denied for illegal drug use. He disclosed on his security questionnaire that he smoked marijuana on only a few occasions in his lifetime, the most recent being in July of 2016. Other than that, he has used no other illegal substances. In the email he was told we have 15 days to submit an appeal with documentation to attempt to reverse their decision. What can we do to help his appeal? What documents should we provide?

I understand that it is a flight surgeon’s final decision as to whether his appeal is successful or not. This has been a year long process so far and I’d hate to see his dreams crushed here.
Any helpful advice is appreciated.


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This section of the forum is pretty dead these days, sorry about the long wait for a response. The flight surgeon has wide discretion when it comes to things like that. I am not exactly sure what you'd appeal. 2016 is fairly recent, it's not as though he reported last use when a teenager or something. Even if you are from a locality that allowed recreational use in 2016, it is still against federal law. Really don't know what to tell you.


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If there’s hope, it will be with Dr Chien at

Realistically, be prepared for the worst.