Delta reveals that they now plan to keep their 717s all the way through 2030

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these days the JRs are in the left seat
Yeah that’s kinda the reason I’m not a big fan of flying on RJ’s anymore. When the captain has 1.5 years experience beyond instructing and the FO has less
( in some cases ) it doesn’t make me feel good if things so a little sideways. Sorry, but I think about that when I get on a crj today. Don’t get me started on forced upgrades.....


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Delta, and AirTran, operate(d) them at reduced power setting to save on wear and tear. When they want to they can get up and go. Absolutely HATED working them while plugged in on ATL Departure.
Less mx costs equal more money for everyone including employees profit sharing. ATC does get the shaft on that one tho. You guys loved the CR7 on the climb outs from ORD


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Is the 717 a bad climber? I would have thought with what look like MD-90 engines and that short-bus fuselage it'd be a star. I mean sid.
The only thing out of EWR that climbs worse than a 717 is the SIA 777 going direct Singapore. When we are departing 4, almost every single westbound departure is turned west on initial contact. The only ones left on the SID to gain some altitude before the climb is 717’s because otherwise they may not hit the at or above 7000’ airspace shelf 12 miles away to top the EWR downwind.

I guess the C208’s too but they could probably give the 717 a race for its money.


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What's to hate? They're smokey and loud and AFAICT they can't go below about 220 without the slats. That's kinda cool. Plus they get me home with mainline service (and, more importantly, mainline on-time rates) to the hinterlands where everyone else is running a (*$(#$ing RJ crewed by Chad and Chad Sr. (who is about two years older than Chad Jr.).
I sir am no Chad, and no Jr....Good day, harumph...(pulls air pods out of back pack and goes back to jamming nickleback.)

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What I wouldn't give for a "where are they now" feature on all of the comair academy people from the 90s. I mean I'm guessing a significant number of them ARE working at Delta, but the ones who wound up at Home Depot with student loans which can't be discharged, even in bankruptcy, would be the ones I'd want to see. Caveat Emptor and all that, I guess.


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“Top Tier Airlines!”
*shows Mesa logo*

Yeah...that’s kinda on you if you believed that BS
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Isn’t the A220 replacing them?
I think eventually, but the 717s aren't going anywhere before the MD80/90s.

I've never flown on Delta's particular 717, but they're a nice ride on Hawaiian. Those engines aren't nearly as mind numbing in the back of the bus as they are on the MD80.


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I sir am no Chad, and no Jr....Good day, harumph...(pulls air pods out of back pack and goes back to jamming nickleback.)
Chad would only listen to unsigned Nickelback unreleased “mix tapes” because of course, by the fine YOU heard about them, they had already sold out.