Delta pilot arrested for suspicion of being drunk


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Scherb said United Airlines offered him a $500 voucher or 25,000 miles, in addition to a refund for the flight. But Scherb hasn’t yet accepted the offer, he said.
“Given that the safety and well-being of all 50 passengers on that flight was jeopardized, I find United’s response to be insufficient,” Scherb said, explaining that another would-be passenger appeared to have received a $1,200 voucher because the flight was overbooked.
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Someone should definitely do *something*, Captain!
12 seems fine, esp for scheduled service. Like, plan accordingly. Or just don't drink. I'm always a little bit concerned about the slippery slope, where before you know it it'll be two weeks and a decompression chamber, but IMHO it's dodgy to have a beer in your hand 8 hours before report time, whatever the rules. And I suspect it will have a positive effect. I've rarely seen a pilot, however heavy a drinker, who didn't take the black letter of YOU CANNOT DRINK NOW very seriously. This would presumably cut down on the guys who *do* quit at 8 or 10 hours but had too many for that time to be enough.


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1. Long term homeless beggar.

2. Woman who sleeps around and lies about it.

Accurate. (For Glasgow, possibly not all of Scotland).


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Hell and death, is there some way to disable this "feature" on my girlfriend's computer? Relax, I'm not tomcatting around, I'm too old for that, but if I get back at 11pm, I do NOT want to catch up over a late dinner, lest I wind up face down in the pasta.
We've tried that whole "lets stop for dinner on the way home from the airport" thing after I'd operated HKG-ICN-ANC and then commercialed ANC-DEN-IAD all in one day. I remembered almost none of it. One of the reasons I get "princess parking" too. Saves 17 days worth of parking fees and a lot of the time by the time I get home I definitely should not be operating any kind of vehicle.


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I was inspired to cross the border to go golf and happened to pick some up.

Still overrated.


Fly airplanes, drink beer, never at the same time.
I was inspired to cross the border to go golf and happened to pick some up.

Still overrated. View attachment 49238
I don’t know about overrated, but it’s not their best beer. Moon man is delicious. Two women. Stag horn. Many many others.

My brother in law works there, so I get to try a lot.