Delta is posting next week

I took the test on Friday and it looked like about 40 percent actually had passed out of 10. It was a punch in the gut for sure. The way they notified us was odd. They did the opposite from what the rumor mill had said. They told the four in my class that passed to get up and leave, the rest of us were told to stay in class. We were then ushered out into a room, where the bad news was broken to us. It was an experience for sure! Not sure if studying for the wonderlic was productive or not. Hopefully, all of us who did not pass will have another chance at the test again!!
The rumor mill is just that...

You have at least one more opportunity, but that may be a rumor.
2 questions:

1) Was anyone given an exact number of people being hired by their interviewer? I didn't think to ask.

2) Was anyone given an exact date that they'd be contacted in regard to getting the job? I was told 2 weeks.