Delta Dec 2018 Hiring


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When they posted last spring it took them close to 2 weeks to call everyone, IIRC. That's probably not a bad sign.
Here’s hoping, my United application from last September still says it’s being reviewed even after everyone else already got TBNTs or interviews. They take forever to update the job status page.


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Never got a TBNT and my application still says under review, can I assume a call is coming at some point?
Won’t be a call, they send an email with different test dates available asking you to reply with your preferences. Don’t expect a call just check your email including your spam folder just in case it ends up there.

How long are they giving people? Like are the test dates next week or do they have longer to prepare?
Test dates are probably for next week and the week after but you don’t need time to prepare for it because it’s not a dispatch knowledge test. If you get a test invite be ready for an interview right after if you pass the test.

Good luck to all that make it to the test phase.