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Just and example from our "expert" Mr. Montanapilot:

"They puff it up as big as they can, but in reality their "connection" to Delta is little more than a phrase. "

The signature thing...

Doing something you love and getting paid for it is everyone's dream. I was a very successfull Scuba Diving Instructor and divemaster, in a dream job. But after doing the same dives over and over again it becomes routine. It is easy to lose your enthusiasm and start to cut corners and slack off. I was able to see beyond that and realize that I had to treat every customer as my first and every dive as the first time I was doing it. And that attitude allowed me to get my reputation in the Scuba industry.

The Romantic view that it will be great all the time to work in the cockpit is naive. It sure beats working at any office and don't get me wrong, I love flying too. But how many senior captains you know that want to bid for more trips per month so they can fly more? And how about the 60 year mandatory retirement age? Did that came from the ailrine side, or from the unions? Last time I have asked some of my captain friends about incereasing the mandatory retirement age they told me that they are tired of flying and wanted to pursue something else.

A lot of pilots when they reach enough seniority so they can have easier schedules, start a hobby or a business on the side. That serves two purposes: To increase their income AND to avoid burn out.

All this information I got from different pilots that I've met over the years, I might be wrong ( and I wish I am as I also would like to have that "dream" job) but we cannot forget that airline flying is not a hobby. There are tremendous responsibilities on the pilots shoulders and that requires an upmost professional attitude.

I am plannig to dive as a hobby and probably add soaring as well...



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Yeah, I know. Know that I'm working for Comair down at MCO I don't get as much face time around the campus, like I did while I was working down at the hangar. I ran into Mike Matay several times last week. He was on a five day trip. I see several other faces at CHQ that are academy grads.
Yeah, I'll definitely keep in touch. See you around.


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There is a possibility of change in the Horizon in the way the program is run. The " ab initio " concept that will be implemented with the new fleet might not require the instructor phase. So with the possibility of getting an interview without the need to be an instructor why would they get that statement? Besides that video is part of a package that explains very well all the options available to prospective students.

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't think any of the airlines associated with DCA really want FOs with no flight experience outside of flight training....could be just my opinion, but I would think they see that the latest Penn/GIA program, and how it is being stoped, would discourage that situation.


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Well, shinysideup, once again your uninformed opinion is wrong. The airlines are under no obligation to hire DCA or any other academy grad but they have (104 last year, myself one of them) and continue to do so (50 something so far this year I think). I went into class with people from a variety of different backgrounds. Some had turbine time, some didn't. Many, not just the academy grads, had only been flight instructors before coming to the airline. I guess the airline must really be going out of it's way to do something it just doesn't like, huh?

BTW, congratulations, your 2 for 2 for posts that are way off the mark. I can understand you have a thing against DCA, many people do. But if your going to come on this forum and start criticizing the place, at least do a little research and but a little more thought into your posts.