Data Scientist & CFII VS Regional FO

Interviewed with a local 135/91 in TEB area few weeks ago with an offer in hand. They are looking to get me on board on a Hawker 800 and King Air 300 ( considering I do good in Hawker training.... King Air is for Spring-Fall special ops to different short fields in NE and I have tons of experience instructing from short strips). Starting pay is not too high but understandable (65K base + cell allowance, per diem, good 401k). Second year is 85k base and from my understanding they are desperate for PIC's so in theory I can be flying as a PIC in about 2 years. All I would have to sing is a 1 year training contract. Think I may take this and if it doesn't work in a year or so, will head back to engineering. Can use time away from home to polish programming skills etc. Judging by, some months airplanes have done mostly day trips out and back, other months a mix of out and backs and 4-5 day on the road.

Go for it, you can always go back to engineering.