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It took 5 years, but for the first time my daughter asked if she could come and sit up front with me (her iPad died, I'm under no illusions here lol, but I'll take it!)

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That’s really cool. Glad I’m not the only one with kids that just sit in the back with their devices...and their headsets unplugged. Is that a MU?

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Visited my parents the other day and my wife went digging through their photo albums. Found these gems:

me and my dad after my first flight lesson my parents got me for my 10th birthday


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My dads, and later my, S-10. He had the “Chevrolet” scraped off and replaced with “Rock N Roll” in the same style. I miss that truck so much. 2wd non-vortech 4.3L 5-spd. Couldn’t kill that thing no matter how hard you tried. Pulled a horse trailer with 2 horses in it and used to take her off roading in places my friends with 4x4’s weren’t willing to go. Sold her for $500 with 263k miles and aside from routine maintenance only had to replace the clutch once and water pump twice.


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It isn't the PNW, but the Lakes region up north in NH sure does have some good views. Was buggy as hell, but was certainly a nice hike.


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The scheduling gods were smiling upon me. 915 show. 2 legs per day. Day 2 we diverted due to weather over BWI, we turned in 27 minutes. Got to BWI 2 hours late.
Day 3, I got to finish up some training, which got me a free day off tomorrow. Also, home by 2pm.