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Is it just me, or is this post eponysterical coming from a guy named FloridaLarry?
Merriam-Webster's dictionary doesn't define eponysterical (or post-), offering such possibilities as 'obstetrical, evangelical, epinastical, ethnohysterical' among others. Maybe it is you.

The history of franchising isn't rooted in Florida, (although many other scams are). One of the first was a Georgia druggist named John Pemberton, who invented a drink we now know as Coca Cola to get himself off morphine from a Civil War sabre wound. Singer sewing machines, General Motors, and Rexall Drugs followed, amongst many others.

I wasn't thinking 'commercial' franchising, just a rambling retort from a twice-divorced guy (who has lived/worked in ten other states, and retired to Florida). Perhaps I should change my on-line handle to 'Peripatetic Larry.'


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You still have time, that might seem like a good idea now but Christmas morning is almost here. I was dumb enough to buy my wife a very nice sewing machine one year, I still haven't recovered.
My wife has been insisting on a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. I bought it for her, but made it very clear that it’s not a present.
Almost waited until after the holidays just to make sure.