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Just some random stuff from Germany.

The Black wall, gate was Roman built on up until the 12th century. And the Cathedral is apparently the oldest one standing in Germany.

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Pictures of my wife's hometown, Trier.
Trier is the oldest city in Germany, originally founded in 16BC.
Spent 6 years total in the Eifel area, 3 each at Bitburg and Spangdahlem.
Also did 4 years at Lindsey AS in Weisbaden.


I'll ask the stupid questions

A week or two ago, I had the pleasure of going up into North Country with my parents, to the Saint Gauden's National Historic Site on the NH/VT line. Augustus Saint-Gaudens was one of America's greatest sculptors, and was perhaps most famous for the Roman Legions in Washington's Union Station. He's also done Lincoln Standing, as well as a few other "moving" pieces across the U.S.


While Peeping certainly wasn't intended, it was a beautiful weekend for it. This is the covered bridge that connects Cornish NH with Windsor VT, home of the American Precision Museum.


This kinda stuff certainly makes it even harder for me to want to(/or need to) leave New England!


I'll ask the stupid questions
Several hundred years ago I once knew a project manager for this...


We all agreed afterward: this thing defines the term 'unique.'


That all being said, I have ZERO idea why HMX-1 was all in town today, or who's coming up this way. Cool looking skycreatures though.