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You’ll have to take that up with my wife
No prob, trained a bunch of Turkish pilots, was met with a cup of coffee and a plate of baklava every time I got out of the sim. It's all in the charm and having a bloodline that's been fighting the Ottoman since early 1600s.


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This is their White Ale and it’s great for a hot summer day. Their Arctic Pale Ale is also really good. They got a Porter and Stout that I haven’t tried yet and some other kinds. I like their beer enough that I bought a hoodie and some pint glasses from their website.
I had the stout. Barely had any and felt absolutely horrendous the next day. It was tasty, but I’m getting old I guess.

I’m willing to accept my hangover if I earn it. But to have one without even getting drunk, that’s just spiteful.