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Right around freezing and wet snow?

-30ish and some wind is not my favorite. Especially when fueling. Or doing anything else.
You choose to live in those conditions. People like to poo poo on California, for good reasons, but it's pretty rare to hear anyone squawking about the weather here, for good reasons. Reap what you sow I suppose.


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These tails are getting fewer and fewer

The absence of sealant on those panels makes me cringe, but I'm okay with not touching up the paint on the screw heads. Does that airplane not have an HF radio? If so where is the antenna? The airline world is foreign to me, which is kind of funny because I got a notification from a headhunter that SJI might need a tech or two at LAX. I intend on exploring that option, but not tonight. Happy New Years everybody! I hope your 2019 is better than your 2018! All we can do is strive to improve.


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I need to start posting to this thread again. It will mostly be various shots of many 172s in various states of airworthy-but-something-is-broken or some of the more exotic ships that visit the ramp, but that's about it.